Working Together Makes Bikes Race-Track Fast

We whine often that bikes have a right to the road, but often do not have the speed and visibility to move with traffic. Now four students at UQAM École de Design have built a machine that can dominate the road like it does at the Jacques Villeneuve Formula 1 race track in Montreal in the video above. Thomas Lacombe, Nicolas Robitaille-Dubois and Nicolas Rodrigue-Trudel developed a linkage that holds the bikes into a "safe, easy to use and efficient transportation cluster." They built twelve prototypes of the linking element that ties together the front and rear axles. Nobody is going to miss you (or pass you) when you are on this rig. I love the idea of bike pools- biking alone and then ganging up together for the ride to work. Love the tyvek suits too; so aerodynamic and comfortable for biking. Part of ::EXP08, on in Montreal until the 26th of April.

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