Smart & stylish Woodster is a CNC made cruiser bicycle

Iztok Mohorič
© Iztok Mohorič

There's no shortage of wooden, bespoke bicycles popping up in the design world, as technology evolving to the point that DIY makers can make them out of natural materials. More producers are asserting that handmade wooden bikes actually ride better and look absolutely stunning, and Slovenian designer Iztok Mohorič, maker of the new Woodster bike, is one of these wooden bike converts.

Iztok Mohorič© Iztok Mohorič
Iztok Mohorič© Iztok Mohorič

As Mohorič explains on Designeros, it's all about the experience and the ride:

Wood has always been my passion, it is the most amazing material nature has produced and all of my life I have been working with it in one way or another. Wood inspires me to create and Woodster bikes are definitely a passion project of mine, combining a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable material with sports, my other great love. Driving my wooden bike down a narrow sunbaked dirtpath, surfboard under one arm, the sound of waves pounding against the beach in the background, the feeling of total zen… it is with this vision in mind that Woodster was created.

Iztok Mohorič© Iztok Mohorič
Iztok Mohorič© Iztok Mohorič

Made with sustainably harvested Slovenian Beech plywood and Fraxinus, using both CNC technology and manual techniques, the Woodster is not just an utilitarian vehicle, it's also unabashedly a "fashion accessory." Mohorič created this cruiser-style bike to offer riders a stylish look, providing “something more than just the transport function.”

Nevertheless, we know that a wooden frame can absorb shocks and impacts better than metal frames, and is more durable and has a smaller ecological footprint than metal too (Mohorič claims that you would save 14 kilograms in carbon emissions by using this bike over a metal one). In terms of comfort, the Woodster's arrangement of the seat post does seem to be designed to cushion the rider as much as possible.

Iztok Mohorič© Iztok Mohorič

This is an attractive ride, thanks to its flowing lines and leisurely style. It's not cheap, being priced at USD $1,200, but is certainly a lovely, handmade design. More over at Woodster Bikes.

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