Wood & Technology Become the Axalko, a Unique Bicycle for Professional Cyclists And Nature Lovers (Video)

Axalco wooden bicycle from Spain© Axalco

A year ago I published a series of Wood Designs from Spain (stunning heritage ceilings, wooden graffiti, Spanish guitars and pre-fab housing) and mentioned this wooden bicycle. Now, Axalko Bikes have created an interesting video showing the making-of the bike, and the pasion and stubbornness that went into it.

If you want to see something truly unique and passionate, sit back and watch the journey from the Txirbil (meaning ‘wood shaving’ in Euskera, the ancient language of the Basque lands) joinery to the Axalko wooden bicycle. It's the story of two professional wood craftsmen (who happen to also be brothers) and their obsession to make a lightweight, sturdy and beautiful bike frame for professional cyclists.

Axalco wooden bicycle from Spain© Axalco

Using tubular fibers of wood and a micro-laminated finish, the result is impressive hand-work! The frame weighs between 1,4 and 2,3 kg depending on size. When asked about their innovative technique, Axalko’s creators simply answer that they have bridled a technology already found in nature. Thank you Maite F. for the tip!

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