Wishbone Bike Grows With Kids

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The Wishbone Bike evolves from a tricycle to a bike to a bigger bike- usable by a child from one to five years old. Try and get that out of a typical kids toy.three-bikes imageIt's from New Zealand's Wishbone Design Studio. They say:

Unlike any other running bike, the Wishbone bike evolves with a child's different stages of development. It starts at age 1 as a trike, converts to a running bike as the child grows, and by four to five years old, the "wishbone" frame is flipped.

Every Wishbone Bike has 60% post-consumer recycled plastic wheels, is made from sustainably managed woods and is bonded and finished with eco-friendly products. The Bike box and all printed material inside is recycled and printed with non-toxic inks.

$289 AUD (US$ 184), found at Swipe in Toronto.

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