Why Bikes for Girls is a Lifechanging Concept in Africa (Video)

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When April dared to suggest 6 reasons why the world needs more girls on bikes, she was accused of sexism. Yet from female cyclists' view on podium girls through to concerns about women cyclists' personal safety, there's no doubt that gender issues should be an important part of the conversation when we talk about promoting biking and bikability. This is particularly true in so-called developing nations, where access to safe bikes is not just about mobility and personal freedom for girls, it's about their very future.
We already know that simple, scalable technology can be a life saver. Just as solar lanterns can boost school performance in Africa, so too bicycles have a role to play in enabling education, development and lifting people out of poverty. And as has been shown time- and time-again, investing in women can pay particular dividends when it comes to economic and community development.

That's why the 2010 holiday appeal for World Bicycle Relief is focusing on the role that bicycles can play in empowering young women to educate themselves, look after their families, and ensure a better future for themselves and their communities. (For more on the work of World Bicycle Relief, check out their partnership with the Clinton Global initiative to send 7000 bikes to Africa.)

Visit the World Bicycle Relief holiday ask page to donate bikes, or to give the gift of a bike as a donation to family and friends.

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