Whoops! Mountain Bikers Ride into Grand Canyon


There are times when the environment and biking are not happy bedfellows as three Californian mountain bikers recently discovered to their dismay. The trio, known as the 'Riding the Spine' team are pedalling from the Alaskan Arctic to the tip of South America by camping out and riding little used roads and trails. Their decision to ride the Grand Canyon from the north to south rim (and posting about it on their website) resulted in a couple of undercover federal agents tracking them down and serving them a summons. The verdict: donate $500 dollars to Grand Canyon Search & Rescue Fund, spend 2 days in jail, 5 years of unsupervised probation, and banned from all National Parks for 5 years, to boot. It is legal to pass through the Grand Canyon with your bike, if connecting trails. You just can't ride it - you have to carry it. All the way. The National Parks law pertaining to biking in the GC says, "Rules like this are intended to ensure the safety of trail users, and in wilderness areas, to prevent environmental impact. Bikes can potentially damage the soil and cause erosion which has a lasting and negative impact on the environment." ::Riding the Spine, via Knox News.

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