Which of Two Mornings is Your Morning?

Still form the video short Two Mornings, with the message Bike, Be Happy photo

Photo: Still from Two Mornings by Sierra Club

Two Mornings, a video short by the Sierra Club, will either make you serenely pleased with your morning or leave you wondering if you made the right choice. Which of the two mornings is yours (video after the fold)?

Two Mornings shows bicycling for what it is: active, involved, integrated. You can almost feel the prison of steel separating the coffee-sipping Mini driver from the world around her, as her neighbor breezes along in the fresh air.

Over at urbanvelo, the first comment puts the choice into a perspective many of us know all too well. Refering to the difficulty and dangers of bicycling, Phil remarks "If you can't beat them (the drivers), join them."

Clearly, if we want to be free to choose biking, at least for the 40% of all trips that are less than two miles, we have to fight for a bike-friendly world.

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