What's it like to be a cyclist in Saudi Arabia? (video)

Biking in Saudi Arabia
Screen capture Youtube

Bike culture is mostly a local thing, varying from city to city, with larger regional trends. If you've been following it for a while, you develop a kind of portrait of what things are like in certain places (ie. Portland, New York City, Amsterdam, etc). But so far - at least for me - bike culture in Saudi Arabia as a whole has flown under the radar and I don't really have a clear picture in my head of what it must be like over there.

That's why this short video featuring interviews with a few cyclists from Saudi Arabia is so interesting! I really recommend you check it out.

Note: If you don't speak arabic, you can turn on the English sub-titles by clicking on the "CC" button near the bottom right of the video interface.

Via Youtube (Thanks to Clarence Eckerson for the tip!)

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