This is What it's Like to Ride on Denmark's Bicycle Superhighway (Video)

bike superhighway copenhagenHuffington Post video/Screen capture

I spent a couple weeks in Denmark last year, during which I was able to thoroughly enjoy Copenhagen's unparalleled biking infrastructure. Half a million people commute by bike every day in the Danish capital, and for good reason—bike paths are ubiquitous, well-organized, and well-maintained.

Cruising around Copenhagen was probably the best urban biking experience I've ever had (though Stockholm's similarly amazing bike paths and a Paula Alvarado-led cycling tour of Buenos Aires make for close seconds). And I didn't even get to ride on its bike superhighway.

Probably because it wasn't built yet. It just opened in April, and the New York Times describes it:

Picture 11 miles of smoothly paved bike path meandering through the countryside. Largely uninterrupted by roads or intersections, it passes fields, backyards, chirping birds, a lake, some ducks and, at every mile, an air pump. For some Danes, this is the morning commute.

Susan Nielsen, a 59-year-old schoolteacher, was one of a handful of people taking advantage of Denmark’s first “superhighway” for bicycles on a recent morning, about halfway between Copenhagen and Albertslund, a suburb, which is the highway’s endpoint. “I’m very glad because of the better pavement,” said Ms. Nielsen, who wore a rain jacket and carried a pair of pants in a backpack to put on after her 40-minute commute.

But for an even better sense of what the bike superhighway feels like, just watch the video above, in which a Politiken journalist tests out the new path.

Beats being stuck in traffic.

This is What it's Like to Ride on Denmark's Bicycle Superhighway (Video)
In Denmark, commuters can take an 11-mile bike superhighway into the heart of Copenhagen. This is what it feels like

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