Weird and Wonderful Bikes: Would You Ride One of These?

neatorama bike designs image

Image credit: Stephen M. Johnson

We've seen fake horse silhouettes you can stick on your bike, a 24-carat gold plated Brompton and a strange cheetah-like human powered vehicle that Paula had a hard time categorizing. So never let it be said that we are slaves to convention when it comes to transportation. But these weird creations might be about as odd as they get. Could they be real?It turns out that the designs above, and many, many more are the figment of the very fertile imagination of Stephen M. Johnson. Posted as missed opportunities in bicycle design, Johnson has apparently been dreaming up odd two-wheeled steeds as somewhat of an obsession for many years. (Johnson is a purveyor of all kinds of other bizarre and outlandish inventions via his Museum of Possibilities.)

The central principle, he says, behind his work is to ignore "aerodynamic and structural efficiency in favor of whimsical appearance". He acknowledges that they are not the most practical designs in the world but, if the weight could be kept down, he reckons he'd like to ride them. I must admit there are one or two in there that I might consider too.

Practical or not, I'd like to extend my thanks to Johnson for one more reminder that biking should be fun. Take a look at Johnson's proposed bike vest for an ever-so-slightly more utilitarian approach to fantastical bike design.

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