Watching London's "Boris Bikes" In Action (Video)

24 hours of the London Cycle Hire Scheme from James Cheshire on Vimeo.

The new London bikeshare system, now affectionately called "Boris Bikes" is taking off. Oliver O'Brien, who works at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College, London, figured out how to plot them in real time, and then turned it into this 24 second=24 hour map, showing how they are used.

london map bikes

We quote BikeRadar:

BikeRadar asked Oliver how he got the idea for the map and whether it might be coming to an iPhone near you: "Inspiration was seeing the set of data become available as I realised I could pull together a website quickly based on some similar visualisations I have done recently (voting and tube usage maps). It is an academic exercise and is not intended to be used by people on mobiles (on hire bikes) but it will work on them. I may make a mobile-optimised version that works better on devices such as iPhones."

It is fascinating to watch a city move, and it does in predictable ways; central areas are full of bikes during the day, while they move to train station hubs in the evening. Most are on the move during rush hour, and less people ride them when it is raining.

You can also watch Oliver's map in real time and read his blog here.

But as Bike Radar notes, they have been readily accepted and are heavily used.

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