Washington DC Bike-Sharing Program is Growing Up!

washington dc bike sharing photo

Washington D.C. Bike-Sharing. Photo: Flickr, CC.
Five-Fold Increase in Number of Bike Stations
Time flies! It wasn't so long ago that the Washington DC bike-sharing pilot project was born, and now it's growing up: "By summer, the D.C. Department of Transportation will have expanded the current Smartbike system from 10 racks to 50 racks." Total number of bikes should be about 500. Not quite Paris with its Vélib program (20,000 bicycles!), but a step in the right direction.
washington dc bike sharing photo

Washington D.C. Bike-Sharing. Photo: Flickr, CC.

From Wtop:

The goal is to get Smartbike running in all eight Wards of the District. The upcoming expansion will not touch all eight Wards, but there will be numerous neighborhoods that get the bikes, including Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill, Anacostia and Georgetown.

"You want the bike stations to be relatively close together so that if a rack is full, you can ride to another one and drop it off," says DDOT spokesperson John Lisle. "We will fan out from the center of the city in concentric circles."

DDOT has set aside about $3 million in stimulus money to fund the upcoming expansion.

That's good news, but what we really want to see is more cities starting bike-sharing projects, even if just pilots at first. The sooner people get used to the concept, the faster progress will be.

Via Wtop, Examiner
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