Washington DC Bike-Sharing Program Getting 10x Bigger!

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Photo: Flickr, CC
A Better Bike-Sharing Program for Washington DC
Washington DC's SmartBike, the first bike-sharing program in the USA, is about to be supplanted by a much bigger and better bike-share. It will be based on Montréal's Bixi and grow the number of bikes and stations almost ten-fold!
dc smartbike bike sharing photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
Bike-Sharing is Awesome
SmartBike has only 120 bikes and 10 stations, but the new version of the project will have about 1,100 bikes and 114 stations all around the district and in the neighboring Arlington County.

"The new system will allow a wider range of membership opportunities. Annual memberships will cost $80, double the current SmartBike rate of $40, though for a much better service. People can also purchase monthly memberships for $30 or daily ones for $5. All memberships allow unlimited bike rentals, free for the first 30 minutes with usage fees (levels not yet specified) after 30 minutes." (source)

Clear Channel will apparently no longer be in charge, which will probably be a good thing since their incentives were to put more ads in town, not to expand service.

According to Streetsblog, that could be just the beginning: Apparently DC is applying for federal money to further double the number of bikes, and Arlington intends to add more bikes and stations too.

Time for New York, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Minneapolis, etc.. to join the bike-sharing club!

Via Greater Great Washington, Streetsblog
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