Want to rent a bike? Have an extra ride gathering dust? Spinlister is the AirBnB of bikes

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Peer-to-peer bike rentals

The bicycle is one of humanity's best inventions. With over a billion bikes on Earth, and about 100 million of them just in the United States, nobody should ever be left wanting to ride without a set of wheels. But sadly, bikes and would-be riders aren't evenly distributed, so there are a lot of unused bikes, and a lot of people who don't have access to a bike at the very moment when one would be needed.

Enter Spinlister. The peer-to-peer bike rental company was created a few years ago (we wrote about it here) and aims to make it easy for riders to find bikes, and vice versa. In fact, once it reaches critical, it can kind of create a virtual bike share program in cities that don't have one, or allow people to get a different type of bike in cities that do have one (New York's Citi Bike might be great, but if you need a cargo bike, or a mountain bike, or want to try a fixie, it's not really for you).

Here's how Spinlister works in a nutshell (as demonstrated by hip smiling actors):

Interestingly, Spinlister is expanding outside of bikes. Their website now prominently displays surf and skiing/snowboarding equipment (which makes sense).

All this is quite green because it increases the utilization of things that already have been made, and reduces the need for more stuff to be made. It's the same principle as car-sharing, like Zipcar. By having many people share the same vehicle, fewer vehicles need to be made. Of course, the impact of making a bike isn't as big as making a car, but people who want a bike and can't find one are likely to drive or call a cab, which isn't as green as cycling (not as good for your health either!).

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If you're worried about safety, theft, insurance, etc, there's a page that explains the company's policies.

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