Want Half Your Employees to Cycle? Build a Bike Shed Like This One

GL Garrad Hassan bike shed photo

Image credit: Simon Pow, GL Garrad Hassan

We know that bike commuting saves money, and that cycling to work combats obesity too. So it's no surprise when we hear that bike commuting is on the rise in many cities. One company is stepping out way ahead of the curve when it comes to encouraging bike commuting—with nearly 50% of its employees biking to work on a regular basis. To encourage this trend, the company has just launched a gigantic bike shed. But that's just a small part of what they do for their biking colleagues. As the world's largest independent renewable energy consultancy, GL Garrad Hassan obviously has an interest in clean, green transportation. Even then, to hear that nearly 50% of its employees at the company's Bristol-based headquarters (yes, Bristol is the same town that is planning to go zero landfill in 3 years!) bike to work on a regular basis is a pretty impressive number, given that the city-wide average is only 14%.

As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage cycling, the company has just launched a gigantic 200-bike storage facility for its employees. This move comes on top of other bike-friendly initiatives like providing showers and clothes drying facilities, as well as regular bike maintenance workshops.

If only every company was even nearly this dedicated to biking.

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