Want an Italian Stainless Steel Bike? Pay Up


Photo courtesy of Matt Pacocha, Velonews

Legendary bike builder Cinelli is out with a stainless steel beauty, made from the world famous Reynolds’ 953 steel tubeset. If you can get your hands on one of these, you'll know steel is real. The good news? The Cinelli XCr is the only seamless stainless steel tubeset in the world. The bad news? It’s also the most expensive steel tubeset in the world. The stock model (frame and fork only ) is $4600. If you're a curious weight weenie, the fork is about 350 grams, about the same as a good carbon fork. A 53cm frame weighs about 1450 grams. Cinelli will make a custom frame for you for a cool $5,100.

VeloNews, which did a great review, breaks down the frame material:

The biphasic martensitic seamless tubes are manufactured with high quantities of chromium, molybdenum and nickel to enhance its strength and resistance to cracking, especially during welding.

The properties of the metal give it a high strength to weight ratio and allow tubing sections as thin as 0.4mm. Besides its strength advantage over other metals, XCr stainless steel is corrosion resistant. Columbus offers butted and double-butted tubes for the entire tubeset. It also offers a broad range of complementary stainless components, including the integrated cups and BB30 bottom bracket shell found on Cinelli’s XCr. Last year the Cinelli XCr won an award from Germany's International Forum of Design.

If you're in the market for bike with bling, check this bike out. Just don't leave it unlocked outside the cafe! And don't forget this frame material is one of the most energy intensive to mine that there is. More pictures available here.

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