The Wall Street Journal publishes something sensible about bike sharing

Citibike NYC Launch
Screen capture Streetfilms

Earlier this week, Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz went on a tirade about Citi Bike.

In today's paper, The Journal offers the other side of the debate, along with a question about why a bike share program is a debate at all:

Somehow this act has become "controversial" in New York. Sharing bicycles. New York City is a magnificent, relentless town that continues to have problems with affordable housing, its school system, crime, and its yawning income gap. There are rumbly expressways and bridges that have been under repair since the presidency of John Adams. There are displaced people in this city who still are not back in their homes many months after Superstorm Sandy. And the "crisis" of the moment is…. sharing bikes?

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