Vintage Canvas Gets Reimagined as Chic Cycleware

Ron D Swan Panniers photo

Photos: Ron D Swan

What's not to like about a brand about a business that promotes materials reuse and cycling? Their brand name, maybe? Ron D Swan hardly conveys the tenor of the company, nor its product. But may the business thrive in spite of the nomenclature.

Hailing from Castlemaine, in Central Victoria, Australia this small company produces shoulder bags and bicycle panniers from polyester/cotton and 100% canvas. It is mostly roll ends, offcuts or even secret stashes of 40 year old, yet previously unused canvas. The patterns and colours are wild. The designs seem practical, without being overwrought, and finish appears to be high quality.

They also do a line of cycling safety vests that are designed to worn over daypacks, instead of hidden by them, which is normally the case. And a collection of nifty reflective ankle bands.

ron d swan messenger bag photo

Photos: Ron D Swan

Ron D Swan (not the name of a real person, but the moniker for a garden creature crafted from a reused car tyre!) have signed up for 100% Greenpower. They post out our products using 100% recycled cardboard boxes and paper tape, or use salvaged plastics. Use post consumer recycled waste office paper, and print paper products with soya based inks. Office furniture and factory shelving is sourced second hand, where possible.

Some of their products also utilise reclaimed Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) banners, although we picked up that they are looking to move away from PVC. Reused plastic sign boards, bicycle tubes and stainless steel spokes also find their way into the company's products.

ron d swan legbands vest photos

Photos: Ron D Swan

We were previously pleased to see Nau indicate not only the country of origin for the manufacture of their product, but also the country of origin for the base material. And Patagonia's Footprint Chronicles performs a similar function.

Ron D Swan goes one further. They detail the country of origin for every single material and component in their products, right down the thread and labels. That's industrial strength corporate transparency.

Check out the range at Ron D Swan.

We found Ron D Swan, via the blog Green & Sustainable Outdoor Gear who were compiling a list of Australian made cycle gear.

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