Vending Machine for Bike Parts Introduced by Trek

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When we wrote that Bike Mechanics are the New Doctors commenter Nate suggested that "bikes are remarkably simple machines to work on," who needs a mechanic?. In Madison, Wisconsin, you get your choice; James of BicycleDesign tells us of the Trek Stop- a vending machine where you can "stop by anytime to put air in your tires or buy basic small items like a tube, patch kit, water bottle, energy bar, chain lube, etc." According to Olive on Flickr, "contains items for doing minor repairs (like bike tire inner tubes.) Air hose, maps, message board, a bike stand, and a kiosk with video instructions on how to do various repairs. (see picture here)

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It is in front of a bike shop, which doesn't sound like a good business plan (to those of us who try to support our local bike mechanic); I would love to see these in the heart of downtown where the bike shops can't afford the rent. ::Bicycle Design
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