Velorution: London's Folding Bike Rental Service


Velorution, a bicycle shop in London reckons visitors to the UK capital should make like a local and get about on a zippy folding commuter bike. To this end they offer a rental service for folders. Here's the deal: "There is no faster way to do it than by bicycle. Order one of our models and we will deliver it to your room; at the end of the day, just leave it to the concierge and we will pick it up; couldn't be easier. If the weather is not friendly, we can rent you smart weatherproof jackets and trousers. Don't waste time in traffic jams!" You can choose from a Strida, Brompton, Dahon or even an iXi. It will set you back £20 for first 24 hours and £15 for subsequent 24 hour periods. The aforementioned wet weather ensemble is an additional £10/day. And should you enjoy the experience, they have a robust collection of folding bikes, including many TH favourites, to tempt your wallet open further. Plus they write a blog with plenty of great bike related stories, from whence we stole the cute image above. ::Velorution, via Google.

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