Velo-City Global 2010: Cycling Experts From Around the World Will Meet in Copenhagen

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"Different Gears - Same Destination"
Cyclists too have conferences. The European Cyclists' Federation, the City of Frederiksberg, and the City of Copenhagen are inviting us to Velo-City Global 2010 (a wordplay on the French word for bike, "vélo", and "velocity") in Copenhagen on June 22-25, 2010. The conference will take place in the heart of Copenhagen and will bring together "cycling experts, city planners, decision makers, NGOs and researchers from all over the world to discuss the potential and challenges of cycling."
lots of bicycles photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
Velo-city began in 1980 in Bremen with around 300 participants and was heavily involved in the founding of the European Cyclists' Federation three years later. In its almost 30 years of existence, the conference has been hosted by major European cities such as London (1984), Barcelona (1997) and Paris (2003) and smaller forerunner cycling cities alike, such as Groningen (1987) and Basel (1995).

Velo-city conferences attract not just one type of profession, but bring together all those who are involved in the policy, promotion and provision for cyclists. Answering the growing demand for expertise in cycling from cities, ECF has decided to hold an annual Velo-city conference as of 2010.

I love this concept. Cyclists and green transportation advocates should definitely put a lot of effort in organizing themselves, in sharing tips and showing others what works and what doesn't. As I wrote in this post about our autocentric society, walking and biking and public transit work really well for certain things, but unfortunately we made the mistake during the 20th century of thinking that the car could replace all other forms of everyday transportation. The bike needs to retake its place. It can't do everything, but it can do a lot more than what it's doing now!

There more info about the programme here, and you can register here.

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