Vectrix Electric Scooters Reborn?

vectrix electric motorbike image

Image credit: Vectrix

From police on electric scooters to Parisian e-bike taxis, the Vectrix electric scooter had many people very excited, for a very long time. But then the recession hit. There were layoffs at Vectrix, followed by bankruptcy for the electric scooter pioneers. But the story is not over yet. If rumors are correct, Vectrix may even be reborn.Details are sketchy for now, but David Herron over at ElectricAid tells us that New Vectrix has been bought by GP batteries—with the apparent intent of restarting production.

David has a little more information over at The Examiner, explaining how GP's purchase of Vectrix went through for $5,056,000 (including cash payments and assumed liabilities). GP had previously been cooperating with Vectrix on the development of Lithium-ION batteries for the bike, a project which never came to fruition. Now, with GP at the reigns, the chances are good that Vexctrix will be reborn with the improved speed and range that these batteries would offer over the NIMH version.

Watch this space.

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