Use Your Melon: Melon's Slice Folding Bike That Is.

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We've been highlighting a heap of folding bikes recently (see list below). Melon Bikes is another to add to an ever growing collection. Their focus is that the simpler they "can make a bike to maintain, ride, and transport, the more fun you will have owning it." And Melon have opted to go with 20" wheels as an integral part of their story. Suggesting that with a wheel size that owes its heritage to BMX racing, you'll have a blast, "quick-starting to a high speed instantly - no big wheel inertia to overcome."

Melon Slice folding bike photo

The first bike Melon have rolled out is the Slice, their folding model. It has a 7005 aluminum frame, that is said to work for riders ranging in stature from 4' 8" to 6' 3". With a large front chain ring, Melon believe you'll find that the Slice's eight gears, combined with an intuitive SRAM MRX Pro grip shifter, will get wherever you want to go.

Folding occurs in the frame's main tube (with a quick release lever), as well as the handlebar stem and pedals.

And $600 USD for a bike folds in 15 seconds, whilst weighing in at 11.5 (25.5 lbs) seems very reasonable.

As a new company Melon Bikes only had nine US retailers carrying their bikes at time of writing, but they do offer online sales, with a comprehensive photograph rich bicycle manual. Bikes are delivered 95% assembled.

melon tetra bike photo

Other models wait in the wings for their time in the limelight. Such as the non-folding Tetra model seen above, in blue. Hub geared models are apparently in the offing as well.

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