U.S. bike-sharing stats: 23 million rides since 2007, ZERO deaths

Bike and Go bike sharing
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Anti-bike pundits would have you believe that the build out of bike infrastructure in the U.S., which includes bike lanes and bike-sharing programs, is leading straight to a a kind of permanent war zone culminating in a road apocalypse, with everybody's lives at risk, especially cyclists. While it's true that the safety of cyclist can still be improved a lot (traffic calming measures and physically protected bike lanes help big time), the facts speak for themselves:

After about 23 million rides since 2007, there are still zero fatalities from bike-sharing. Just in New York City with Citi Bike, only 40 people needed medical attention after 10.3 million rides. There are about 10.5 crashes with or without injury per 1 million trips.

The number of fatalities won't stay zero forever (it's the law of large numbers), but imagine how much safer things could be if our streets were really designed to be shared with cyclists!

Via Reuters

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