For the hip urban cyclist who has everything: Handmade wooden handlebars

Lenkr wooden handlebars
© Lenkr

These distinctive Lenkr handlebars are milled from a solid piece of walnut wood, supported with an aluminum core, and feature a warm and organic look in a minimalist style.

If you're interested in adding a little style to your own ride, or perhaps you're looking for a little something special for the discerning cyclist in your life, take a look at these beautiful wooden handlebars that are in the works from Berlin-based Lenkr.

These bars aren't for people who really want or need drop bars or high-rise handlebars on their bikes, as the Lenkr wooden handlebars are as basic as it gets - a straight bar - but for those who want to add a little track bike flavor to their wheels, along with a touch of natural grain style, the bars could be a great addition.

According to the Lenkr crowdfunding campaign page, it's taken Berlin's Philipp Wuthe more than two years to make the journey from idea to prototype to production, with his partnership with a woodworker and select local businesses helping him refine it into the beautiful and functional bike accessory that it is today. Each handlebar is precision milled from walnut wood, using a CNC machine, drilled out for the hollow aluminum core to be inserted, and then capped on the ends with anodized or brushed aluminum end pieces.

Lenkr is making two different versions of the wooden handlebars, with the Type A being a 31.8mm diameter, 440mm long bar weighing 285 gram, which features walnut wood inserts on the ends of the bar caps. The Type B measures 25.4mm in diameter, is 400mm long, weighs in at 160 grams, and has minimalist aluminum bar end caps. Check them out:

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign at the US$88 level can reserve a Type B handlebar from Lenkr, and pledges of US$165 can reserve the Type A wooden handlebar, which are expected to ship later this year. And if you love the product, but can't see yourself riding with these track-style bars, but want to add some of this walnut-y goodness to your cycling stable, Lenkr is also offering a sweet-looking "KRZBERG Bike Hook" set to backers at the US$66 level.

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