Urban Bike Stations: We Shouldn't Need Them But Do

bike central photo

This is a business idea we shouldn't need; every office building should have decent bike storage and a place to change and shower, it should be in the building codes like washrooms. Unfortunately they don't; that is where urban bike stations come in. The coolest one is Bike Central in Auckland, New Zealand; they offer safe storage, showers, coffee and a bite to eat, wifi and will do your dry cleaning and laundry while you are at work. It is more like a health club than a bike shop, but then if you are biking to work that's what you want.


In the western US, there is Bikestation.

It is a "not-for-profit organization that offers secure bicycle parking and related services to make cyclists' lives easier. Park your bike at one of our facilities and you can be assured that your vehicle is secure and covered. "

This is a terrific business idea from ::Springwise. It obviously makes cycling to work easier, but it also builds a community.

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