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Image credit: Nick Chambers at Gas 2.0

Our own Collin in Corvallis can get a part-time job this season; UPS is looking for cyclists in Portland, Corvallis and other cities to drag around 200 pound trailers to do deliveries. UPS's Jeff Grant spoke with Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland:
"For every three bikes we use for deliveries, we save an average of 17 gallons of fuel per day (compared to one truck). That's about $50 in savings." Across the entire district, Grant says for every three bikes used during the holiday season, UPS will save $38,000 in vehicle operation and upkeep costs.
Grant told Jonathan that " he'll ask delivery staff to deliver about 25-50 packages per day, compared to 150 stops a day for a normal "package car".

I am surprised that they can only deliver such a small proportion compared to the normal car, what with the problems of parking. I am also curious about security of the packages left on the cart when they run in to make a delivery. But I certainly can see big savings for UPS; no truck, no fuel, and a friend who drove a Fedex truck for a while told me he used to get $300 in traffic tickets per day.

Nick Chambers at Gas 2.0 got a close look at the bike and reported:

I mean, look at that bike, it's decked out. Check out the camo handwarmers. I'm not sure why they gave her a mountain bike though, it's not like she's going off-roading. A commuter bike with some smooth tires and a more comfortable sitting position would have been a much better choice. Methinks they didn't actually consult with any real cyclists.

He has a point. Perhaps Collin will give it a try and report after! Bike Portland via PSFK
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