Unusual Bamboo Bicycle Designed For Ultimate Affordability

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Images via Yanko Design

Designer Paulus Maringka has come up with an intriguing bamboo bike frame. But this one isn't just for eco-minded urban cyclists -- it's aimed specifically for affordable solutions to people in developing nations. The bike is a primary mode of transportation in many countries, especially where cars are outside the scope for most people's incomes. Maringka has designed around this fact, and has come up with Greencycle.

"The Greencycle bamboo bike aims to minimize labor and production costs while still improving human power functionality. What's more is that the design focuses on the affordability, desirability, and overall need of the Third World target users. The laminated bamboo frame design is not only sustainable and economical, but utilizes the skills of the local craftsmen," states Yanko Design.

green bike image

The frame looks incredibly simple to construct, though we're not sure exactly how sturdy it is. Many bikes in developing countries are used to haul large loads of cargo. If this can stand up to daily use and abuse, then it is indeed a smart design. However, some of the features of the design look like they might be problematic, including that the frame hooks onto the back wheel on only one side, putting all the weight on one side of the wheel. This could be an issue when it comes to wear and tear.

For those of you with an eye for bike design, what do you think of this concept? Weigh in in the comments.

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