UK Police Test Vectrix Electric Scooter

We’ve been pretty excited about the high-performance Vectrix electric scooter since we first laid eyes on it. We’ve been even more excited to see it move from drawing board to actual road use. Now we hear from London Bikers that police in Hampshire, UK, are going to be testing two Vectrix scooters as part of their day-to-day operations, and if the trials prove successful, the vehicle could be adopted as an alternative to petrol-driven bikes for police forces across the country. As with police on bicycles, the logic of silent, emission free transport options makes a lot of sense for law enforcement agencies – both in terms of running costs, and sneaking up on villains unnoticed. And adoption of high-tech emission free vehicles should bode well for the rest of us, as economies of scale allow for cheaper models to reach the general public. We look forward to seeing how the Vectrix performs for the boys in blue. ::Vectrix::via London Bikers::via EV-UK::

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