UK Invests Big Money In Bikes

bikes in london kensington photo

While certain American politicians complain about a million bucks being included in the country's energy plan to promote bikes, in the UK they are investing £140 million (about US$ 280 million) to create dedicated bike lanes, provide bike parking, safety training, on-street bike rental networks and a campaign to promote bicycling in 12 Cycling Demonstration Towns.

The Transport Minister, Ruth Kelly says "A quarter of journeys made every day by car are less than two miles, Cycling is an alternative that could bring real health benefits to millions of adults and children, as well as helping them save money and beat congestion."


Cycling in London, 1896

"The first step in persuading people to leave their cars at home is to offer them a real choice," said the minister. "Providing a step change in cycling facilities, dedicated cycle lanes, more training and information will have a big impact on how people choose to travel." ::Celsias

TreeHugger readers may remember that her American Equivalent, Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, believes that "bikes are not transportation." Sigh.

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