UK Food Chain Starts Bike Deliveries

waitrose cargo bike photo

see the BBC video here

The knives may be out for Waitrose, the big UK premium supermarket, but it keeps trying to do the right thing. They are starting to deliver groceries by battery assisted cargo bikes in Dorset. The BBC says each trailer can hold six trays of groceries and keep products frozen and chilled for up to two hours.

They admit that it won't take a lot of delivery trucks off the road, but "Everybody has to do something and you start small and you build from there."

waitrose bike trailer photo

Perhaps more interesting and effective is another service they provide: They lend out bicycle trailers so that shoppers can pedal their groceries home and return it three days later. That would make a huge difference wherever people shop by bike.

BBC via TreeHugger emeritus Matthew Sparkes' counterproductively named new website, Stop Reading This and Ride a Bike
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