UK Conservative Leader Breaks Road Rules By Bike

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We are huge fans of cycling here at TreeHugger, but we have to acknowledge that there is resentment among motorists at some cyclists' perceived disregard for traffic rules. While it rarely goes as far as the driver who sued a dead cyclist for damaging his Audi, we can't pretend that all is sweetness and light on today's roads. Cyclists, on the other hand, point out that they are not the only ones breaking the laws — from a drunk driver laughing at the 'treehugger' they killed, to folks parking in bike lanes, it can be pretty tough out there for us two wheelers — and when you lack the protection of airbags, side impact bars and the like, and when your city is designed to favour the motorist, it can sometimes be tempting to bend the rules to ensure your own safety. Now David Cameron, the leader of the UK Conservative Party and avid cyclist, has set off the debate once more, having been filmed riding the wrong way up a one-way street, and pulling through a red stop light to get ahead of the line of traffic. While Mr Cameron apologised for breaking the rules, a spokesperson from bike-advocate group CTC leapt to his defence:

"It shows what an ass cycling regulation (and) traffic management is in this country at the moment ... we campaign in CTC for things like opening up one-way streets, which are allowed all over Europe," said director Kevin Mayne.

"[Mr Cameron] is a yard in front of the white line in front of the Houses of Parliament - frankly, that's where I'd go to get away from the cars, he was hardly jumping the light," he said, adding the pictures highlight how difficult "signage for cyclists is in London".

In all this debate, we can't help but remember that cyclists are "the most superior beings on earth", though we do wish that we could all live in peace if we just learned our lessons from Bogota.

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