Two-Month Bike Tour Promotes Green Living in Japan

Bicycle for everyones earth BEE Japan 2008 photo

BEE Japan (Bicycle for Everyone’s Earth) is on a great trip from Hokkaido in northern-most Japan and will soon arrive to Tokyo. BEE is a group of international members that promotes environmental awareness and green living in Japan. By September 15 they will be in Kyoto for a Model of the United Nations event. Good luck guys, you are great!

Their annual BEE Ride is a 2-3 month long self-supported cycle tour on Japan’s four main islands. The team is made up of an international group of volunteers, including English teachers, who also learn about environmental sustainablity during the ride.

Their direct action includes:

* Travelling the length of Japan exclusively by bicycle
* Eating low on the food chain (vegetarian)
* Choosing organic products whenever possible
* Choosing fair trade products whenever possible
* Supporting local economies by buying local produce
* Avoiding chain stores and convenience stores, and using no vending machines.
* Minimizing waste by choosing less packaged products, buying reusable, recycled and recyclable items, and using no waribashi or other disposable eating utensils.

bicycle for everyones earth BEE Japan 2008 route map image

BEE is always looking for people along their route with a passion for environmental action. They love to get in touch with BEE supporters who have organized beach / river clean-ups with local people, solidarity bike rides (a lot of people riding with them for a few hours), BBQs (vegetarian of course!), lectures at community centers, etc. As they say, the range of possible events along the way is huge. From Colin J's blog entry on August 15:

We kidded ourselves that the rain would go off and most people just rode on in their jerseys and shorts but after 30 min we realiased that this rain wasn`t going anywhere. We battled on along main route 7 as juggernauts thundered past inches from our bikes, and with a week of dry weather the road was slick with the residue of car crap. It was an effort just to stay on the bike and at one point as I tried to come up onto the pavement the bike slipped beneath me and dumped me on the tarmac with enough momentum to carry me a few feet through the spray.

bicycle for everyones earth BEE Japan 2008 Gunma image

Lots and lots of fun photos over at BEE Japan on Flickr.

This weekend they will be in Saitama for a river cleanup near Koma, a historical area with the Alishan Organic Center.

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