TuftTrike: Green for The Green


Yep, so you know that you can have water soluble golf balls, reused golf balls, bamboo golf clothes and even certified organic gold courses. But did you that you can now lug your clubs and irons from tee to tee aboard a human-powered vehicle. Oh yeh, you can.

The Turf Trike, was developed by Jason Deal, a keen golfer and cyclist and he figures it is "the world's first cycle powered golf cart." On the bike side it is a three wheeler with a 7005 aluminium frame and seven speed SRAM mountain bike gearing and dual from brakes.

On the gold scorecard (and has a holder for such things) it uses custom oversized 4 ¼" (~11.5 cm) wide tyres for use on turf grass. The front wheels fold against the frame, so fits more easily on car bike rack. The front rack which holds the golf bag can be removed and used as shopping trolley (has its own small wheels). Oh, and the feature no self respecting, self-powered golf kart should be without: the ever important drinks holder—for when it is taking too long to get to the 19th hole.

An electric assist model and a kids version are also in the pipeline. ::Turf Trike, via a web surfari.

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