Try to Ease the Pressure: The X-Seat and Bike-Related Erectile Disfunction


Participants in the World Naked Bike ride will not be pleased to hear this, but there may be drawbacks to the beloved TreeHugging pastime known as cycling, especially if you are male. According to an interview with urologist Dr Irwin Goldstein in Bicycling Magazine, "There are two kinds of cyclists: those who are impotent and those who will be." However, others are not so sure. claims there is very little conclusive evidence on the long-term effects of cycling on erectile disfunction, pointing out that 90% of the Chinese population cycles yet the country does not suffer from increased rates of impotence. The site does acknowledge that regular riders may suffer temporary discomfort or numbness (which will not be news to most of us guys who bike!), and also suggests that the hard saddles favored by long-distance riders may be more damaging. Whatever the truth is on the science, it would seem to make sense to avoid any unnecessary strain on our private parts, so we're glad to see saddle manufacturers responding to the, errr, pressure. Tipster Joshisamayhem alerts us to the X-Seat (formerly known as the Spongy Wonder), a radically different bicycle seat that completely eliminates undue pressure on the perineum.
According to the manufacturer's website, the X-Seat features rock-solid, corrossion-resistent, stainless steel construction; 3 1/2" wide dual platforms for a successful transfer of weight to the 'sit bones'; and tilted, adjustable platforms to eliminate the problem of non-adjusting seatpost clamps. We've yet to try this seat out ourselves, but the testimonials on the website certainly seem glowing - we would love to hear from any readers who have given it a go. Our one concern is whether slipping off the saddle is a problem. After all, a quick jolt on the crossbar is unlikely to do your nether regions any more good than a long pounding with a bicycle seat. Either way, we hope that manufacturers continue to innovate so that cyclists too can enjoy long and happy sex-lives. After all, there's a whole world of fun, green sexiness to explore in our guide on How to Green Your Sex Life. ::The X-Seat ::via tipster Joshisamayhem, with thanks!::

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