Tricycle Super Hero in Fight for Cycle Safety Episode


Well, dear readers, that mortal moment has come. My alter-ego, Super City Cycle Girl, has been struck low by the evils of traffic. But do not fear. Your heroine bravely battles on with one-handed typing and a new secret weapon: tricycles. Yes, after toppling the two-wheeler, Super City Cycle Girl has returned to the lab to get a closer look at an eco-vehicle which can skid across wet pavement without tipping. Of course, it has to be a cool tricycle -- stylish, sporty and sleek.

Kettwiesel Tricycle image

Kettwiesel Tricycle

Fortunately, the super-support team at Hase Spezialräder (Special Bikes) delivers, with the Kettwiesel -- which translates literally to "chain weasel". The Kettwiesel features a recumbent seat and comes in three styles:

  • Kettwiesel: the original alu-framed curve maschine
  • Kettwiesel ride: the all-terrain version with a lower center of gravity, upgraded differential drive train and more braking power;
  • Kettwiesel style: city trike with a stiffer frame, high-end equipment and fat tires.

Kettwiesel Tricycle Differential, close-up image
Kettwiesel Tricycle Differential, close-up

All three Kettwiesel models have a differential which drives both of the tricycle's rear wheels, ensuring a good grip in all terrains, an extra margin of safety, and more fun in the curves. A suspension fork at the front wheel gives a smoother ride and keeps that wheel on the ground when you want it there. The recumbent seat can be folded flat in order to make transporting the Kettwiesel easier.

Add a bright flag to ensure the low-riding tricycle is easily seen in traffic, and the Kettwiesel faces all missions with flair.

Kettwiesel Tricycle in City Mode image

Kettwiesel Tricycle in City Mode

The ease and stability with which the kettwiesel can be tipped onto the two back wheels makes the tricycle practical in the city. It can be stored in relatively little floorspace when tipped up tall. At a little over 16kg (35 pounds) , the Kettwiesel is not a super-light, but it is comparable to standard city-comfort two-wheel bikes.

Guiness World Record Longest Tandem Bicycle

Guiness World Record Longest Tandem Bicycle

The Kettwiesel has one additional super-secret function. The front wheel detaches easily, allowing two Kettwiesels to be chained together. Or as many Kettwiesels as you can find. The Guinness world record for the longest tandem cycle is held by Kettwiesel fans.

Postscript: Your heroine must admit to being one of the lucky ones, walking away with some road rash, a scratched-up safety helmet, an elbow cast and good dose of humility. This article is dedicated to all cyclists who, by the the door prize or other tragedy have lost the fight for a fair place for cyclists in the traffic infrastructure.

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Via: Hase Spezialräder (english) or Hase Spezailräder (german)

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