Tricycle Round Up: Three Wheels Better than Two?


We can’t confirm that the Tripendo is still available, but include it for the curio value. Its main claim to fame being superior cornering ability. The double wishbone axle allows the Tripendo to keep both front wheels firmly on the ground when cornering, which is said to make it much more stable taking curves at speed. Tripendo



Harvest Trike

Converse to the Go-One or the Tripendo, the Harvest tricycle is designed to travel at a very sedate pace. At the time it takes to pluck vegetable crop from the garden bed. Reducing the occupational hazard of backbreaking field work, the Harvest trike shows how versatile human powered vehicles can be. Harvest Trike


Although technically a sports vehicle, the TurfTrike is another not really intended for high speed riding. Its primary function is as a golf trike, with support for golf bags, score cards and drinks. Though also adaptable for doing the shopping. TurfTrike

Worksman Industrial

More modestly priced, compared to some of the above options, the Worksman Tricycle, is about $770 USD. A true industrial trike, you'll find these beauties heaving load around the factories of Ford, Daimler, Chrysler and Boeing. And when most bikes are made in Asia, these tough, functional numbers are still ‘Made in America.’ Worksman

Cycle Maximus

More British-based ultility trikes, crafted tough to haul most anything from mail, to odd shaped cargo, including humans. As with several other companies, these guys make it possible to upscale to an electric-assist version if you need extra grunt. Cycle Maximus

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