Tricycle Round Up: Three Wheels Better than Two?

windcheetah hypersport photo.jpg

Photo: HyperSport by Windcheetah

Pedal propulsion is as revered as solar and wind power at TreeHugger. But highly efficient human propelled transport isn’t limited to two wheeled bicycles. Oh, no siree. You can equally enjoy many of the same benefits, (and others) with three wheels. After a trawl through our archives we’ve rounded up a mob of tricycles for your viewing pleasure. (Pedal powered quad bikes also coming soon.)


Twike trike Red photo
Developed in Germany, the Twike has dual pedal sets so two riders can give its aerodynamic shell as a good push along, whilst steering via a joystick. An electric version offers a top speed of 88 kph (55 mph) and a range of up to 144km (90 miles.) But at $35,000 USD the Twike is, alas, beyond the reach of many. Twike


Triobike Trike photo
Danish designed, the Triobike attempts to do everything. It’s a seven speed internal hub bike that converts to a kiddy or cargo hauling trike, which in turn becomes a stroller, sans the bike. A modern interpretation of the bakfiets or moederfiets, the Triobike also appreciates a well stocked wallet or purse. TrioBike


go one trike photo
For about $10,300 USD you can have the human powered equivalent of, say, the Aptera. Conceived by one of the designers of the SMART car, the Go-One is a carbon-fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar enclosed trike that sports a headlight, rear light and even turn signals. An electric-assist motor is also in the works too. Go-One


kangaroo trike photo
A Danish trike by that can transport one or two children, up to about the ages of 10-12, with seats that adjust to redistribute the weight. Or can be used as a load monster (well, up to 100kg anyhow) for delivery or grocery runs. Has a 3-point steering system for stability. Kangaroo


Windcheetah trike photo
A go-fast trike for those with over $4,000 USD in the piggybank. Fix optional fairings to your custom made Windcheetah and you should expect a 12% increase in speed over a conventional road bike. Although a winner of human-powered vehicle championships, UK’s AVD also make luggage carriers for touring. Windcheetah

Zigo Leader

Zigo Leader Trike photo
Borrowing, it seems, on the creativity of the Triobike or the Kangaroo, the North American Zigo performs similar feats of transformation. A bicycle, kiddy caddy and stroller can be configured from the Zigo’s various elements, with the manufacturer espousing 30 seconds for the necessary conversions. $1,350 USD. Zigo Leader

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