Trend Officially Over: Walmart Now Selling Fixed Gear Bikes

fixed gear bike walmart photo

UPDATE: the Bike Snob writes that it is not a true fixie, but a single speed bike with a freewheel hub.
Gawker writes: "It's official: The number one cause of fauxhemian crashes on Bedford Avenue is no longer cool." Walmart is now selling fixies for $ 149. This ends a period of great embarrassment, never having lived down my post Survey: Should Fixed-Gear Bikes Be Allowed on the Road? that got almost seven thousand votes and 91 comments, all calling me a jerk or worse.
fixed gear bike walmart photo

It comes with front and rear brakes, which disqualify it from true hipsterdom, but those can be removed. The comments on the Walmart site are favourable:

I've never hit so many pedestrians and cars in my life! I removed the front and rear brakes so I could be as cool as the older kids and it made a phenomenal difference. I could no longer control or stop the bike but the girls were like woah, who's that guy they're prying off the grill of that bus, he's like totally hot. oh my god.


Im glad I got this bike because all of my bros let me ride them now that Im fixie too.

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