Trek Lime : Juicy Green Bicycle


"Chill. Explore. Dawdle. Lollygag. First one there's a rotten egg." Follow this advice and Shimano reckons you'll soon be having fun on your bike. They are so keen for Americans to get on their bikes that they've dedicated a (slightly clunky) website to cruisey cycling, which they tag as 'Coasting.' The Coasting hub, is like an automatic transmission for bikes, it changes gears for you. Brilliant for city riding when you come to traffic lights or stop signs. We are confused to see it described as 'new' though, because Shimano have had such a hub in their range for easily 10 years under the name Nexus. Also on the Coasting site you'll find out about the brands and models that use their internal hub system of the same name, like the Giant Suede, Raleigh Coasting and the Trek Lime (shown above). Trek themselves don't offer any details yet on the Lime, but some info has escaped their recent annual dealer meeting. Trek added the automatic hub to their very spiffy looking Lime, and gave it some smart enclosed chain detailing. The bike (which does come in other colours), is aimed at the 65% of Americans who currently don't own or ride a bike. Or as it was otherwise put, "for cruising down the neighborhood at slow pace, in plain clothes and without breaking a sweat." Our bike readers will love that last bit!In other good recent news for Trek is they were recognised with Environmental Stewardship Award from Orion Energy Services, (who it turns out has Trek as one of their clients - but nevermind.) They scored the kudos for reducing the electric power consumption of their Waterloo, Wisconsin, manufacturing facility by 435,488 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, "the air scrubbing equivalent of an 80-acre forest or the conservation equivalent of removing 70 cars from the road and saving 35,950 gallons of gasoline each year." Much of which it seems was achieved by replacing old metal halide lamps with energy efficient lighting, thus dropping Trek's lighting power usage from 900,008 kWh per year to 564,520 — a savings of 435,488 kWh.

Lime story via ::Bike Gallery, from a tip by Lloyd.

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