Trail Tales — Bikes Without Cars


Whoops, nearly forgot to point you towards this list of 'Six Great Long-Distance Bike Trails Without Cars.' Compiled by Kevin Kelly for his Cool Tools site, it looks at bike trails in North America. He warms up with a 113 mile jaunt along the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Washington state, before girding his loins to tell us about the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route with its 2,500 miles of undulation that crosses the Continental Divide 27 times between Canada to Mexico. In between Kevin finds bike trails in Nebraska, Missouri, British Columbia and the Appalachians from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, PA.

KK gushes about the joys of such bike travel. And who can blame him? "On these bike roads you can cruise along for weeks without ever encountering a car, or worrying about being bumped off the white line by an oblivious motorist. These are not paved roads, but packed gravel or dirt. Many sport spectacular tunnels and bridges courtesy of the former railways. At the same time these trails pass through small towns affording local eateries and rural lodging, as well as the usual camping spots along the way. Many of these trails did not exist as bike paths even a few years ago. More are being opened every day."

As we've noted before, the Rail to Trails Conservancy is spearheading this revival of bike trails, spreading their enthusiasm to other countries. More power to them. ::Cool Tools.

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