Town square anywhere via cargo bike pop-up

© Coletivo Bijari

To protest the lack of green spaces and parks in Sao Paulo, a collective of mutlimedia artists put on an exhibit - of cargo bikes designed to create instant, pop-up public squares.

The Coletivo BijarRi artists' idea is that any small space in the city can have a quick spot of vegetation and shade for gathering, resting, and talking. The bikes, which are actually extended-frame cargo trikes, include a front basket of plants and flowers, a portable umbrella, and retractable benches.

When rolling up, the bike becomes a micro public square, according to the "Impossible Squares" exhibition's curator Low Ribeiro.

We think about the ways in which art can be configured as a transforming element of public space," according to the Coletivo BijaRi, which created the flourescent-green cargo trike pop-ups.

The trikes will roam the streets of the Sao Paulo neighborhood of Vila Madalena, also the location of the Coletivo BijaRi gallery, for the next week.

Town square anywhere via cargo bike pop-up
Bicycles turned into pop-up town squares. An ingenious idea for instant community. What could be better as we head into National Bike Month?

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