Tour d'East River: Riding 25 miles of continuous bike lanes

Screen capture Clarence Eckerson, Jr.

A recent study in the UK showed that riding a bike to work can cut deaths from cancer in half and heart disease almost as much. But it takes an investment of time, political will and a little bit of money to get the kind of infrastructure you need for people to actually cycle. New York City has been making that kind of investment. Clarence Eckerson Jr. of Streetfilms says:

New York still has a long way to go to make cycling safe for all ages and abilities throughout the city. But we are on our way. As recently as 10 years ago, I can remember the huge advocacy effort that went into gaining two meager strips of white paint for bike lanes here or there. Now we are building up to a useable network.

NYC 4-Boro Protected Bike Lane Ride from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

But I am so envious as I watch this video of “a small group ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan to the Bronx to Randall's Island to Queens and back to Brooklyn -- about 25 miles. After sketching it out, we estimated that 97 percent of the ride could be done on protected lanes, car-free bridge paths, and greenways.”

Clarence RouthThe Route/Screen capture

This is a real accomplishment. But I have tweeted out a question: How do you Citibike 25 miles? It has a time limit. Do you have to stop every half hour and change bikes? I will update when I receive an answer. UPDATE:

Here's the detailed map.

Tour d'East River: Riding 25 miles of continuous bike lanes
Streetfilms follows a journey that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

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