Toronto May Ban Parking Of Bikes Anywhere But Designated Posts

lloyd bikeIt's #occupystreetsign time, I'm getting radical. /CC BY 2.0

Last week Keith Olbermann called Toronto's mayor Rob Ford The Worst Person In The World, narrowly beating out Glenn Beck. Certainly he and his bike-hating cabal at Toronto City Hall are doing everything they possibly can to destroy the city's reputation and its social fabric. The latest in the war on the bike is a new bylaw that would make it illegal to lock a bike to anything but a proper bike rack or official city bike post.

No personal shall, without prior authorization from the General Manager, chain, lock or otherwise attach any article or thing to a waste receptacle, streetlight, parking meter, utility pole, transit shelter, fence, tree or other municipal property or authorized encroachment that is located in a street, and any article or thing that remains attached for more than 24 consecutive hours may be removed by the General Manager and disposed of pursuant to Article XVIII

Now there are a) a lot more bikes than bike rings in Toronto, and b) they are not always where you happen to be trying to park. No doubt the geniuses in the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee are trying to figure out how to design parking meters for bikes, I mean, who pays for those official city bike rings? why should bikes park for free when cars don't?

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Toronto May Ban Parking Of Bikes Anywhere But Designated Posts
This war on bikes is getting ridiculous. It's time to #occupystreetsigns, time to start fighting back.

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