Toronto to get big new underground bike station at City Hall

Washington has them. Chicago has them. Now Toronto has a new bike station coming that will include 380 secure spaces, change rooms and showers. This kind of infrastructure should be standard so that people can cycle to work and clean up while not worrying about theft. It's not free or even cheap; Toronto's Union Station bike station costs $21.53 a month.

You would think that Chicago-loving Councillor Doug Ford, The mayor's brother would love the idea, but he doesn't like the idea of giving up 24 parking spaces in the huge City Hall garage. He's quoted in the Star:

"We’re taking away parking space down here at City Hall that is creating $70,000 worth of revenue, and — ready for this, folks? — they’re putting in showers for the bike riders to come down here, to a tune of $1.2 million,” said Ford after the meeting. “That’s the gravy train. That is reckless spending — to put showers here at City Hall at $1.2 million. It’s disgusting."

gravy trainA favorite Ford Refrain/Promo image

City Councillor Paul Ainslie, until recently an ally of the Ford brothers, gets the point. He is quoted in the Sun:

If you’re getting people off the road, out of their cars using either public transportation or their bikes, in the long run, I think it is worth it.

Toronto to get big new underground bike station at City Hall
And the Fords go "Gravy Train! It's Disgusting!"

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