Toronto finally gets its Bloor Street Bike Lane, totally thanks to this guy

Mr. Mammoliti's Hat-Wearing Cyclist Confesses
© Mr. Mammoliti's Hat-Wearing Cyclist Confesses

He did 1600 trips back and forth each day to pad the count of cyclist. Thanks!

In the end, it wasn't even close, as Toronto City Council approved the controversial Bloor Street bike lane by a vote of 36 to 6. I was surprised, especially when last year the Mayor of Toronto was quoted in TreeHugger:

“I’m going to be certainly wanting to see that it’s measured rigorously,” he told council May 4. “If the measurements show overall, taken overall as a whole, this was bad for neighborhoods, bad for business . . . then I will be advocating it be taken out.”

And so they rigorously counted all the cyclists on the street, and lo and behold, the data showed a big increase in cycling, up 49 percent.

going round in circlesGoing round in circles/Screen capture

Only one city councillor was willing to challenge this data. A certain Giorgio Mammoliti was convinced that a small group of cyclists were deliberately inflating the count. I will admit that every chance I got, I would take Bloor instead of any of the alternatives, to do my bit to inflate the count as much as I could. But we could never have succeeded if not for the anonymous cyclist who admitted all on Reddit recently. He is shown at top in his "normal riding clothes, just another typical pinko-commie gluten-intolerable west-end bike-riding dandy. " He unveils the secret in Mr. Mammoliti's Hat-Wearing Cyclist Confesses:

He describes how he rigorously got to work to save the Bloor Street bike lane.

I was determined the city would keep them, but I knew they needed it to seem like people used them. I hatched a plan: I would loop around Bloor Street, hundreds, even thousands of times a day. In order to hide my conspiratorial plot, I would change hats and costumes often so no one would notice me.

All these months, 1600 trips back and forth each day along Bloor, and no one but Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti ever noticed me. I was feeling missed, Giorgio, but you alone saw me. You alone understood me. Because of you, Giorgio, I have decided to reveal myself. This confession is a love letter to you.

And all Toronto cyclists thank you, Mr. Hat-Wearing Cyclist, whoever you are. You put the R in Rigor. Lots more photos of wonderful hats at Mr. Mammoliti's Hat-Wearing Cyclist Confesses.

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