Toronto Bike Theft King Closed Down. Finally.


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Ten years ago I was working on a condo in downtown Toronto when one of my clients had his expensive bike stolen out of the garage. As I handed over the security tapes the cop said "oh, it will turn up at Igor's in a day or two."

Ten years ago, the stretch of Toronto's Queen Street where Igor had his operation was grotty and not very pleasant. Now the schmatta shop has become a bookstore and the junk store has become a high end fish and chips resto and the entire block has been upgraded to Toronto Trendy.

Except for Igor. I have often been critical of Toronto's love/hate relationship with bicycles and the Police department's lack of interest in keeping bike lanes clear or finding stolen bikes, but they do have a lot of bigger fish to fry. However, they finally got around to cleaning up this last little eyesore.

But is it cynical of me to suggest that closing down Igor, an open secret forever, has more to do with real estate values and getting rid of a noxious use than it does with concern about bikes? ::BikingTorontoTreeHugger on Bicycle Thieves:
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