Top 7 Reasons Why Fixed-Gear Bikes are Oh-So Hot Right Now

5. Speed/Danger/Feel/"The zen thing"

Photo: Hamron.

Why are extreme sports so popular? One of the reasons may be that people love activities that are a little bit dangerous but that also provide some ultra-connection with the surrounding environment and a shock of adrenaline.

Though not a 'sport', fixed gear bikes could fit in that area. As you cannot coast with them, you're pretty much pedaling all the time and therefore accelerating, so the bikes can get fast (and no kidding they're fast, they can even beat a helicopter!). You also have a better feel of the road and of how much traction you are getting. Many people even leave the brakes out for extra fun, so the only way to stop is forcing the pedals (not something we recommend).

These things, some claim, create a sort of ultra connection to the road and a rush. Or perhaps "it's a zen thing" as Bike Snob NY joked some time ago.

6. The Culture Around Them

Images: Paula Alvarado & Screen Capture

Even if there was a whole cult around fixed gear bikes before they became popular to new public, as the trend grows, so does the merchandise, media, and culture around them. More blogs, books, and magazines, to name some, come up and retro-feed the cycle by encouraging the cult.

And let's face it: it's fun to be a part of some sort of club. This certainly adds up to why fixies continue to draw people.

7. The Trend

Photo: Urban Outfitters.

Finally, let's just say it: fixed gear bikes are so hot right now because they're in fashion, and some people are always looking for the next big thing.

But as we know, some trends come and go in a minute, and others find a way to stick around and create a whole industry around them.

Will the fixie stay? What do you think?

Bonus: Find out if fixies are right for you!

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Top 7 Reasons Why Fixed-Gear Bikes are Oh-So Hot Right Now
It's no news that fixed-gear bikes (or 'fixies') are trendy in cool-hipster biking. Wallpaper magazine is writing about them, Urban Outfitters is selling them, and some even go far to say that the trend is now over (always a sign

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