Tom Wilson's Awesome DIY Monster Quad Bikes! (Photos)

Photo: Tom Wilson
Kind of Like a Bike SUV
Tom Wilson sure likes to ride around the Burning Man festival in style! He designs and builds giant quad bikes that are, in my opinion, amazingly cool and beautiful. So far he has completed three projects: The DogSled, The Pup, and the BigDog. The photo above is of the DogSled, and I've included photos of the other two below. Really worth checking out, in my opinion.bigdog-quad-bike photo
Photo: Tom Wilson

The BigDog, pictured here, is 11 feet long, 6 feet wide, and over 8 feet tall (to the top of the seats).

bigdog-quad-bike photo
Photo: Tom Wilson

For more information and photos, check out Tom Wilson's site. He has photos of the construction as well as a more technical description of his design goals and what kind of parts he used to build the quads.

bigdog-quad-bike photo
Photo: Tom Wilson

Here you can see a computer generated image showing both the DogSled and the BigDog.

the-pup-bike photo
Photo: Tom Wilson

This is the Pup. Unlike the other two, this one isn't really a bike. It's powered by a 5.5 HP gas engine.

Via Tom Wilson, Make

For something a bit similar, check out the Human-powered car that Planet Green featured a little while ago.

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