The Tweed Run: A Reminder Of When Bikes Ruled The Road

matt sparkes bike london tweed photo

Image credit Matthew Sparkes

Well, bikes did once rule the road, but had to share it with horses, so it maybe wasn't so bucolic. And dressing up in heavy tweed doesn't sound too terrific, but Matthew Sparkes had a good time.

Matt is a serious cyclist (he showed his bike on TreeHugger back in the day when he wrote for us instead of the Guardian) so it would have been fun to see him decked out in tweed and a fake moustache. It was all in fun for a charity ride called the Tweed Run, a "genteel gathering of riders decked-out in tweed, leather, wool and copious facial hair."

matt sparkes bike london tweed photo crowd

We need more of this kind of thing, less Critical Mass and more happy cyclists. Matt writes:

Blogger Mark from iBikeLondon summed it up nicely, I think, when he said: "On Saturday London felt like the most friendly city in the world; tourists gawked and took photos as we passed, people cheered and applauded, children watched wide-eyed as the spectacle rolled on; even London's famous drivers were [largely] hospitable."

Sounds like fun. More in the Guardian

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